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Aldrich Clean-Tech offers the latest in state-of-the-art equipment for the dry cleaning and laundry industries. Our technical knowledge, attention to detail, and honest work ethic make us the perfect partner for all of your equipment needs.

Our factory trained technicians are among the best in the industry and offer you the peace-of-mind in knowing the job will be done correctly. When it comes to equipment, call Aldrich Clean-Tech, the company trusted by a growing number of facilities everywhere.

Dry Cleaning - Aldrich Clean-Tech is an authorized distributor for the world leading FMB Group’s RealStar line of dry cleaning equipment. RealStar is recognized as The Industry’s Five Star Leader in

  1. Quality/Performance
  2. Reliability/ Durability
  3. Technology/Features
  4. Economy/Ease of Maintenance
  5. Ecology/Environmentally Responsible in Equipment Features and Design.

RealStar understands that safeguarding the environment we live in is a top priority for companies in all manufacturing sectors. In the dry cleaning sector in particular, this task is fundamental and one that RealStar responds to by dedicating a considerable portion of their financial and human resources to environmental matters.

RealStar has a machine footprint and design to fit your space requirements, and offers you all this in three solvent choices: perc, hydrocarbon, and GreenEarth™. When it comes to dry cleaning equipment, Aldrich Clean-Tech Equipment and RealStar provide the perfect dry cleaning equipment solution for you, your space, and the environment.

Shirts and Finishing - For top quality and an excellent finish from collar and cuff, to body and sleeves, in addition to high production, reliability and increased profitability in your shirt department, Aldrich Clean-Tech Equipment recommends the latest in equipment innovation and technology from UNIPRESS. The UNIPRESS Lightning NT, NT1, NT2 and Thunder Series are truly the place where excellence in finished shirt quality also meets the high production requirements of today’s top shirt laundries. For all of your finishing department needs, and a superior shirt that will keep your customers coming back, choose Aldrich Clean-Tech Equipment and UNIPRESS.

Laundry - If you are in the Hospitality, Healthcare, or the Commercial Laundry Industries, where there are so many options available, you can rely on our experienced sales consultants will help you select the right laundry equipment for your application, and to provide you with practical solutions to significantly reduce your water and energy consumption.

At Aldrich Clean-Tech Equipment we carry a comprehensive line of hard and soft mount commercial and laundry machines. Our brands include: IPSO/Alliance and Wascomat

Boilers and Water Heaters - An efficient plant saves you money and is good for the environment. Aldrich Clean Tech offers the latest technology in energy efficient boilers and water heating systems from Fulton, Lattner, Columbia, and Hamilton Engineering. Call us today to learn how your facility can become more energy efficient.

Conveyer Systems - Integrating the right conveyer system can increase productivity and enhance the counter experience for your customers. Aldrich Clean-Tech offers the finest in conveyer systems and installations - perfectly integrated into your current facility.

Looking for a specific brand? Check out the complete list of equipment lines currently available at Aldrich Clean-Tech.

Financing - At Aldrich Clean-Tech, we offer flexible financing solutions that are just right for your business. You can learn more about your financing options here or by calling us at 888-462-2832.

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